Offshore Promotion, Inc (OPI), Outsourcing Services, provides the managerial expertise, qualified staff and infrastructure, to efficiently and effectively perform the day to day administrative tasks associated with operating a manufacturing concern in Mexico.

OPI’s Outsourcing Services, is more cost-effective, than having your own In-house staff. This approach, frees your In-house management team from the time consuming tasks associated with the administrative functions of a manufacturing facility and the high risk of not complaining with Mexican Government laws, rules and regulations. 

Your management team can thus focus on your core concern, “Manufacturing your product”.

Our Outsourcing Services, include:

Image • Start up Services.- In the case of a wholly own Mexican Subsidiary, OPI will perform all the necessary procedures to bring your new company to life (Mexican company incorporation, filing for permits and licenses, government registration, etc).
• Accounting.- OFI will set up, manage and operate accounting and administrative systems in accordance with the Mexican fiscal rules and regulations.
• Human Resources.- OPI’s commitment is to absorb the full responsibility of the HR department at  your company and perform the following functions:

*Employee interviews
*Legal issues
*Attendance control
*Interface with workers
*Payroll processing
*Temporary Personnel placement services

• Import/Export.- OFI will prepare and maintain your Maquiladora program along with NAFTA documentation.
OFI interfaces directly with Mexican and US customs for the coordination of import and export paperwork and reviews your products for applicable duties or NAFTA qualifications.