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The SHELTER PROGRAM, takes on the burden of a corporation’s administrative responsibilities in Mexico and provides the facilities for the company’s operation.

Our Shelter Program helps businesses create subsidiaries in Mexico, customizing our services to fit the business requirements. In essence, our Shelter program helps manufacturers set up operations in Mexico more easily, by providing an umbrella of administrative services. Our program allows companies to focus on their core production, instead of getting tangled in the often complicated logistics of offshore manufacturing.

Image Our services, are reimbursed in the form of Shelter or Administrative fees, and our Shelter Program, provides our customers with comprehensive breakdown of actual costs and the tools and professional guidance to manage their operational expenditures. What this means, is that our customers, manage their own budgets, OPI, does not expend any money, without the prior written authorization of our customers representative.

One of the key advantages of our Shelter Program, is that our customers can operate under OPI’s Mexican legal entity. Therefore our customers do not have to form an incorporated entity to operate in Mexico.

In addition to the cost savings of this setup, our Shelter customers are exempt from many of the business taxes and all of the legal liabilities associated with manufacturing in Mexico.

Under our Shelter Program, our customers, send raw materials, equipment and supervisory personnel to train and mange workers, while OPI, performs the tasks and functions that are not core to the manufacturing process.

Our customers control those areas that affect profitability and sustained growth, while OPI takes care of the following services: human resources, payroll and benefits administration, import/export logistics, customs compliance, domestic procurement, environmental issues and plant and industrial park management.

Summarizing: under our Shelter Program, you, our customer, concentrates on doing what you do best “building your product”, we OPI, take care of “everything else”.
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